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Cover your cubicle in these beautiful March Madness campaign buttons

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It's March Madness in an election year, which is a special thing I'm told only happens once every four years. The Washington Post is recognizing the occasion with a series of fantastic campaign buttons to honor the teams.

You should totally find your school and plaster them all over your cubicle, but here are a few of our favorite ones.

Austin Peay

It's hard to translate a "Gov" into animated form, so instead this looks like a grizzled dustbowl-era ringleader. Totally into this. Angry circus performer is a terrifying image.

Green Bay

LOOK AT THIS SHIFTY-ASS BIRD! It's the whole ensemble here. The narrowed eyes, the fiery stare. This bird is going to straight murder someone when the tournament is over.

North Carolina

Because this is the last thing you see before you get headbutted by a ram.