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This horse is wearing a tweed suit


Animals wearing clothes is one of the greatest joys in life. England gets this. We're used to seeing dogs dressed up on Halloween, but the Cheltenham Festival took it to another level by unveiling a smart tweed suit for Morestead, the horse.


I think it looks pretty great, but I'm also sitting here in sweatpants and a faded red T-shirt. Don't rely on me for fashion advice, is basically my thesis statement here. I sent over footage of Morestead to the team at Racked. Here's what they had to say.

Deputy Editor, Kenzie Bryant:

"From hirsute to horse suit, Morestead would look elegant no matter what he's wearing thanks to his confidence. Tweed agrees with him though. It's a very distinguished look."

Style Editor Nicola Fumo:

"It seems like a lot of innovative engineering went in to building this horse suit. I am particularly fascinated by the tie: Is it designed to stay tucked? It would be a shame for the horse to trip on his tie. Also, how is the hat secured? All told, the horse looks really embarrassed and I don't blame him."

Not everyone was impressed. This from Racked news writer, Cameron Wolf:

"As far as horses wearing clothing goes, it's both the best and the worst thing we've ever seen. I'm reporting this to PETA because how is putting a horse in an outfit this bad is not animal cruelty? And even though a lot of work went into this it's only proof that you can lead a horse to clothing, but you can't make it get a 'fit off."

There's only one thing left: An appearance on Downton Abbey.


Here's the full video: