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Rugby player says a tackle 'pretty much ripped' his penis off

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Australian rugby player Haydn Peacock suffered an injury that is beyond the imaginable. While playing in France, he was tackled by an opponent where his penis was grabbed and (as Peacock described it) "pretty much ripped my cucumber off."

The player required 11 stitches, but stunningly has a good attitude about it all. In fact, he's currently expanding his vocabulary of vegetables he can use to describe his own genitals. The following represent back-to-back-to-back quotes to the website "French Footy."

"When we played the other week their centre pretty much ripped my [cucumber] off"

"I took the ball off the scrum and made a half-break, and their centre has come across from the inside and reached out in a last-ditch effort and has got a hold of my [turnip] with one hand and pulled me down."

"In all of my career I've never heard of anyone having anything like that happen - 11 stitches in the [butternut squash]"

You would think that a horrific injury like this would lead to someone making a substantial change to the way they play the game -- but no.

"I remember I had to strap it all up for the next game...the coach wanted me to go out and buy a cup but I'm not going to play with a cup,"

We are very glad that you and your cucumber/turnip/butternut squash is okay.

h/t BBC