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Finally, the NCAA decided to make different March Madness courts

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On Tuesday, hours before the First Four games start, the NCAA posted a sneak preview of the court designs television viewers will see throughout March Madness.

The idea is pretty neat: in an effort to reduce confusion over where each region's games are being played, design firm Section 127 redesigned the court borders to convey that information more clearly. Each site and each region gets a different color, with text placed on all sides telling you where a game's being played and what round it's in. And an even cooler detail is if you look closely in the lower-left and upper-right corners, you can see the host arena's logos.

As the tournament continues, the designs also change -- the First Four, first- and second-round designs have slightly different borders than those of the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds.

Section 127 also created a new March Madness logo, which is a nice upgrade from this regular, blue NCAA circle logo:

(Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The NCAA plans on using these designs from here on out:

The First Four and first/second round courts will retain the same color and other markings, other than the host decals, in subsequent years. They will be assigned to ensure that only one of each color is used each day (Thursday/Saturday or Friday/Sunday).

The regional courts will likely remain similar every year other than the host and round-specific decals, but may show a different color to match the progression to the new Final Four court look each year.

We won't know what the Final Four court will look until we get there, but it's always cool to see sports leagues try something new with television presentations, like designing new score bugs.

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