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Watch Royals manager Ned Yost break concrete blocks with his bare hands like it's no big deal

At Royals spring training on Tuesday, Ned Yost broke concrete blocks with his bare hands. It was part of a presentation given by motivational speaker Donnie Moore (not to be confused with the late relief pitcher), and apparently breaking blocks in front of a crowd is a thing he usually does.

According to the Kansas City Star, Moore also ripped up license plates and phone books in half before breaking bricks with Yost, to emphasize the theme of "breaking things that seem impossible." Moore's strengths have also been demonstrated with other MLB teams, such as the Yankees in 2012, when he reportedly bent a metal frying pan "like a burrito."

It's the type of imagery that makes you think hardcore wrestling matches break out in the middle of his presentations.

Yost, for his part, came away with a scarred arm, which didn't bother him at all: