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John Kasich won Ohio and got buckets on Tuesday

In early February, Bernie Sanders shot some mid-range jumpers while waiting for the New Hampshire primary results to come in. He eventually won. On Tuesday, John Kasich did the same thing while waiting for the Ohio primary results. He won, too.

It's the first primary win for Kasich. The lesson is that basketball is the key to politics. Although if the presidential election came down to Sanders vs. Kasich, Kasich might have an upper hand. While Sanders is automatic from short range, Kasich proved he could step away and be a threat from deep. They should really play 21 to decide it all.

This isn't the first time Kasich has shown off his basketball skills. He even shot around with the Milwaukee Bucks last year.

Clearly he's been working on his jumper. Now all he has to do is avoid beefs with other NBA teams.