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Rockets players toy with each other's hair like they're having a sideline slumber party

Hi guys, you're on TV!

Monday nights are often quiet and boring, and most people find themselves looking for any way to be entertained. Despite the fact there was still a game going on, Houston Rockets players Patrick Beverley and Donatas Motiejunas took advantage of their 130-81 annihilation of the Memphis Grizzlies to engage in some ... uh, well, curious sideline entertainment.

@patbev21 & @donatas_motiejunas

A video posted by @hige13 on

I mean, I get that you get bored during a blowout and are usually filled with the happy energy of a 9-year-old on a Twizzler sugar high, but this is still strange ... but also adorable.

It would be fascinating to know the context of how this happened, but I don't think it matters that much. One can only wish that Jeremy Lin and his many Charlotte new-age styles was still on the Houston bench for this encounter.

Many thanks to our Rockets blog The Dream Shake for finding this mid-game on Monday night.