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Soccer fan gets pranked with a birthday cake hiding the colors of his team's rival

Haha belter Iain Orr

Posted by Linzi Elliott on Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy birthday to Iain, who was gifted a Rangers F.C.-themed birthday cake on Monday. There was one catch, however: the insides of the cake were the colors of their bitter rivals, Celtic Football Club. The moment a hint of green appears when Iain cuts the cake, you hear immediately, "There's something else!" The best part is his friends' infectious laughter once they knew they really got him.

You'd think Iain would be upset, but no -- according to The Sun, he actually enjoyed it:

He said: "I wasn’t annoyed at all – I thought it was superb. It was the last thing I was expecting."

"The cake actually looked beautiful on the outside and I didn’t actually want to cut it open - but the guys insisted that I did.

To top it off, Iain made a photo of the cake his Facebook profile picture: