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This one in a million pitch bounces off an umpire and lands perfectly in his bag

What are the odds??!?!?

This is one of those plays in sports that is so random, so unlikely, so spectacular that you need to see to believe:

This is video taken by a high school baseball team from Iowa, playing a tournament over spring break in Florida, who just happened to have their phone out when this craziness happened.

From what we can determine, the pitch bounced in front of home plate, missed the catcher on the way back up, bounced off the home plate umpire's leg, and landed perfectly IN THE UMPIRE'S BALL BAG.

You probably need to see it again to make sure that actually happened:

This is really just ridiculous. Considering the physics that need to be perfect for it to land there, the probability of this bounce and pocket shot happening has to be at least four million-to-one.