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Grayson Allen and Ted Cruz, explained

Every year, lots of people watch March Madness who don't watch college basketball throughout the year. If you are one of these people, you might be asking: Who is that player on Duke that looks exactly like Ted Cruz?

Who is Grayson Allen?

Grayson Allen is a basketball player for Duke. He is a player that was destined to be hated because he is good and plays for Duke. This season he has tripped a couple people and probably traveled on this game-winner.

Who is Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz is a Republican presidential candidate.

Now, is Grayson Allen a younger Ted Cruz traveling through time back to the NCAA Tournament to regain his NCAA eligibility and get buckets in the tournament?

Could be.

Is Ted Cruz a future Grayson Allen who went forward in time to run for the highest elected office?

No one can say for sure.

Has anyone asked Grayson Allen about this?


OK, and what does Ted Cruz think?

Ted Cruz has not commented on the record about Grayson Allen ... yet.

Boy, they do look alike though — right?

Yeah, it's weird.

* * *

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