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Israeli fans welcomed Nate Robinson by swarming him at the airport and singing his name

After a solid 10 years (wow, I feel old) in the NBA, Nate Robinson signed this week with Israeli basketball club Hapoel Tel Aviv, and fans there are VERY happy to receive him:

Everything about this makes perfect sense. Nate Robinson, though he had some useful NBA years, was basically created in a lab to dominate slightly lower levels of play. He'll be awesome over there. And on top of that, Nate Robinson is meant to be loved. He's 5'7 at best but an absolute master at finding ways to score, and it's just not right for him to be a fringe player fighting for minutes on a bad NBA team. I'm happy Nate found a place he's likely to thrive, and I'm happy for the fans who get to watch him do so. (I'm also glad he doesn't appear to be too perturbed by the gaggle of grown men dancing and singing around him right after he got off a long flight.)