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2 ridiculous Little Rock 3-pointers and a Purdue brain freeze sent their game to overtime

With 5:01 left to play, Purdue's Vince Edwards nailed a three-pointer to give the Boilermakers a 63-49 lead. It appeared Purdue was well on its way to cruising to the second round. Little Rock wasn't having it.

With 3:20 to play, Little Rock started its comeback. the Trojans ripped off a 12-0 run to make pull within a point at 65-64. Purdue hit a three of its own, but Little Rock was not discouraged thanks to a very kind bounce.

The Trojans had even more magic up their sleeve, with Josh Hagins nailing this three to tie the game.

Purdue had to be shocked. And they certainly acted like they were on their final possession. They failed to even get a decent shot off despite having more than enough time.

There was some obvious confusion, with players on the court appearing to look towards the bench for instruction. Or maybe it was this.

This is March!