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Yale celebrates its first NCAA Tournament win after tense final minute

Our first upset of March Madness is No. 12 Yale knocking off No. 5 Baylor! Don't say we didn't warn you that Yale could snag an upset. For most of the second half, Yale had a 10-point lead, resulting in Yale fans feeling like this.

And this!

But in the closing seconds, Baylor cut the lead down to just one point with nine seconds to play. Suddenly, Yale fans were more like this.

And this.

After a Yale player hit one of his two free throws, Baylor turned the ball over on a possession where they could have tied or potentially won the game. A few seconds later, the upset was official. Suddenly, Yale players were like this again.

And in the locker room, they were like this!

Honestly, the players were mostly excited because of this.

And even though a 12-seed knocking off a 5-seed isn't the craziest upset, Yale fans were still pretty pleased with themselves, looking like this again.

This was Yale's first-ever NCAA Tournament win, so hey, you can't even discredit them with an "act like you've been there before" putdown.