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Hassan Whiteside says his goaltend was 'cleaner than my grandma's floor'

During Thursday's Hornets-Heat match, Hassan Whiteside was called for goaltending on Frank Kaminsky's shot. In slow-motion replay, it was pretty clean. You can even hear the announcers criticizing that call.

In a postgame interview, Whiteside, who was still upset about the call, dropped a turn of phrase to illustrate just how clean that block was:

That's ... that's a really good line, to be honest. He was also reportedly upset about the times he was fouled during the game, especially on his alley-oop dunk:

Hassan Whiteside

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He had trouble shooting a free throw after Courtney Lee's hit, per

"I wish I would’ve made that free throw, but I seen three rims," he said. "I tried to hit it in the middle. I seen three baskets after he hit my face. I tried to hit the middle one. It didn’t work, though."

The game ended in a 109-106 win for Charlotte.