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Ricky Rubio picked the first 16 March Madness games perfectly

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The Timberwolves point guard had a perfect bracket after Thursday's games. And then Dayton lost.

Just when you thought that Ricky Rubio already had a better life than you, that discrepancy just got a little bit wider. The Timberwolves guard tweeted a photo of his March Madness bracket after the first day of the tournament, and it was noticeably missing many mistakes. Like, any mistakes:

Rubio went a perfect 16/16 on Day 1 of the tournament, a score that's pretty remarkable when you consider that only 0.1 percent of ESPN Tournament Challenge and CBS Sports Brackets remain perfect after Thursday. His guesses become even more impressive when you remember that the Spanish guard didn't even attend college.

On Friday, Rubio finally got a game wrong, when Syracuse handily beat Dayton 70-51.

One can assume that Timberwolves fans wish their team was as good at predicting future performances as their point guard when it came to the 2009 NBA Draft, when Minnesota passed on Stephen Curry (twice!). They had decided they would prefer to pick Jonny Flynn than the Davidson star and future NBA MVP.

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