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Virginia fans donated to MTSU as a thank you for upsetting Michigan State

Tony Bennett has led a resurgence at Virginia that has again turned the Cavaliers into a legitimate national title contender. The Cavaliers are a top-two seed for the third straight season. There has only been one thing keeping Virginia from making a deep run in the NCAA Tournament -- Michigan State.

The Spartans ended Virginia's season in each of the last two years and were once again seeded in the same region as the Cavaliers. But this year, the Spartans won't be a problem for Virginia, thanks to Middle Tennessee State. MTSU, a No. 15 seed, knocked off Michigan State in a stunning upset.

Virginia fans appreciated the potential assist.

Hey if you can't beat them, reward the team that does it for you.

Now, those donations could prove to be a little premature and those Virginia fans may be regretting it should MTSU continue a Cinderella run and knock off Virginia, too. But for now, at least Virginia doesn't have to worry about MSU for at least another season.

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