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DeAngelo Williams is running a Wrestlemania scavenger hunt that will get someone arrested

DeAngelo Williams has a fun contest idea that is sure to become an absolute nightmare -- and we're on board with it. He's going to pick a fan who is able to complete his incredibly detailed scavenger hunt to come with him to Wrestlemania.

This isn't just a list of items or simple challenges, they're a gauntlet of pitfalls -- any of which could result in the fan being arrested. Let's break the big ones down.

2. Growling, snarling, breathing heavily and throwing uppercuts in a store is going to get you arrested.

5. This is a voodoo staff. Who owns a voodoo staff?

6. You better choose a friend, because if you do this to a stranger you're getting arrested.

7. Giant shears? Easy enough. Again, not in public.

9. Why "not Walmart"? Oh, I see -- you're trying to get someone arrested.

11. Sitting on top of a ladder is very dangerous. Don't do this.

These are multiple ways you end up in jail. Be careful if you're taking the DeAngelo challenge.