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A Blazers player ambushed Jimmer Fredette, then apologized on Twitter

Jimmer Fredette and Meyers Leonard had a run-in at the end of the Tuesday night game between the Knicks and Blazers. With under three seconds left on the clock Fredette chose not to let the clock run down and accept the Knicks' loss, but instead try to shoot a three in the dying seconds. Leonard didn't appreciate that, fouling Fredette and asking him why he was shooting.

It's one of these unwritten rule things that are largely stupid. Nobody can blame Fredette for playing whistle to whistle, even in a clear loss. Leonard was upset with his actions after the game.

His apology was accepted not long after.

It's nice to see a dumb moment at the end of a game getting squashed so quickly. There's no reason for this to become some weird beef, and kudos to both players for handling it well.

h/t Hoopshype

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