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A hat trick, a leopard-print bra and the Flyers' dopest senior citizen fan walk into an ice rink

Before long Philadelphians will be completely disrobing for hat tricks

Brayden Schenn scored a hat trick Monday night, helping the Flyers to a 5-3 win over the Calgary Flames.

Fans were excited, naturally. Hats fluttered to the ice. One guy tossed a shoe. But that's nothing compared to this older woman, who sacrificed her leopard print bra to the ice gods.

So many questions arise. Did she know Schenn was going to get hot and brought an extra, just for the occasion? Or did she remove it subtly in the crowd? Maybe she lifted the bra from a passing bystander.

Regardless, she had much better execution than the guy that tried to throw a fish onto the ice at a University of New Hampshire hockey game.