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Greek Cup semifinal called off after fans create flare-laden hellscape

Meanwhile in Greece ...

At the end of a soccer match in Greece on Wednesday, fans lost their cool and sent the game into utter chaos. The semifinal Greek Cup game between PAOK and Olympiacos in Thessaloniki was in the 90th minute with Olympiacos ahead 2-1, when PAOK fans began to riot in the stands. They lit dozens of flares and fireworks and threw them on to the field.

Apparently, PAOK fans were upset when the referee gave a yellow card to a PAOK player for diving and felt they were denied a penalty when the Olympiacos goalkeeper tripped the PAOK player on the same play.

The incident comes a day after a soccer match in Germany between Hannover and Wolfsburg had a major scare when some of the away fans managed to send a LIT FLARE across the field and into the Hannover bench.

The PAOK fans proceeded to continue their complaints ON THE FIELD, leaving the stands to confront the referee and riot with the police. The police, in full riot gear, sent the fans backward by firing tear gas into the crowd.

The images from the scene this afternoon in Thessaloniki are disturbing, to say the least:

PAOK fans also apparently pelted Olympiacos players warming up on the sideline with random objects:

The match was subsequently called off by the officiating crew, ending the contest without a final result.