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Bill Belichick and Kid Rock are new BFFs

Two of these people have lived in Detroit! Hint : I'm not one of them!

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Friendships can come from unlikely and unexpected places. Perhaps nothing is more unlikely or unexpected than Bill Belichick hanging out with Kid Rock. We don't want to cast aspersions at Belichick's musical listening habits, but he always seemed like a Bruce Springsteen guy, or a Jimmy Buffet guy -- not a Kid Rock fan.

Now for no reason here's a bunch of Kid Rock puns.

  • Belichick and Kid Rock are hanging out All Summer Long.
  • It was really cool that they got a Picture of this moment.
  • Kid Rock is probably slightly upset Bill isn't the coach of the Cowboy(s).

The best part: Belichick was asked about his new-found friendship and it turns out the pair are on a first-name basis.