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Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes confesses his love for 'Glee' star Lea Michele

Wisconsin star Nigel Hayes has a celebrity crush and wants the media to help. We're not quite sure that we qualify, but we're suckers for young kids finding love -- especially Hayes, who's one of the most fun guys in basketball.

Hayes dedicated his entire post-game press conference to Lea Michele, saying:

"This year I'm going to take it upon myself to use you guys and profess my, I have like a celebrity crush: Lea from "Glee." So if she's watching this, if she hears this, hello. I'm available. You know. Call, text, call the Kohl Center, Coach Gard's number. If you could get this out to her, tweet this out maybe, send her a poke on Facebook -- I don't know how this works, you know kids and the social media these days. I don't know if they do that. Also, if Ms. Lea has a friend, I have a friend, and you know, like Biggie said, your friend can be my friends and we can be friends."

It seems Hayes might be a little confused, though. "Kids and the social media these days"? Does he realize Lea Michele is 29 years old? That's eight years older than he is. Either way, that age difference is far from insurmountable and we hope these two kids can find some love.

This is one of Hayes' more memorable postgame press conferences along with literally dropping the mic, and calling out the NCAA's hypocrisy of letting business get in the way of sports.

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