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Mike Brey jokes that Chris Christie will attend Notre Dame's next game 'if Trump will let him'

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Erstwhile happy person Chris Christie was at Notre Dame's 76–75 victory over Stephen F. Austin on Sunday, and promised to attend the Irish's Sweet 16 round in Philadelphia this week. Notre Dame coach Mike Brey -- a friend of Christie's, whose daughter, Sarah, is a team manager -- is less certain.

"He only shows up for the big games," Brey told SNY's Adam Zagoria. "He'll be there in Philly -- if Trump will let him."

"That team is a really tenacious team, Stephen F. Austin," Christie said in the locker room after the game. "But these guys are tough guys. I've been watching them all year and they're very tough-minded and they were going to battle right to the very end, so was I nervous? Yeah, absolutely."

Notre Dame will face Wisconsin in Philadelphia on Friday.