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Buddy Hield scored 29 points in a half after a VCU player made the mistake of doubting him

"Aren't you supposed to be player of the year?"

Buddy Hield is making a strong case for the Wooden Award, especially after a 36-point effort led the Oklahoma Sooners to the Sweet 16 with a win over VCU.

But the Big 12 Player of the Year actually had a slow start on Sunday night -- a measly seven points for a star who averages 25 points per game. In fact, he only recovered after some motivation from an unexpected source.

Hield said VCU's Doug Brooks told him: "You're the Player of the Year. You're supposed to be going to work."

"I'm about to go to work," Hield answered.

And he did, going on to score 29 points in the second half.