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Texas A&M player's sister CANNOT HANDLE team's once-in-a-lifetime comeback

Not only was Texas A&M's 12-point comeback in 44 seconds one of the craziest comebacks we've ever seen, it also spawned the Vine of the weekend. Senior guard Alex Caruso's 25 points (including a crucial and-one layup in the late goings) helped lead A&M to the double-overtime win after tying the game, but after they tied it in regulation, it was his sister Emily who found her viral Internet moment freaking out on live television.

Can you blame her? Northern Iowa had a 99.9 percent chance of winning on Sunday. What happened on Sunday may never happen again. That reaction was well deserved.

Of course, there were still going to be jokes.

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Beating the Odds: Texas A&M completed the biggest comeback ever

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