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The Hornets scored 7 points in a quarter and still beat the Spurs

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The Charlotte Hornets scored seven points in the first quarter on Monday. That's the fewest points any NBA team has scored in a quarter this season. To make matters worse, the Hornets were up against the Spurs, who entered the game with a 59-10 record and fresh off a win against the Warriors. After 12 minutes of action, it seemed the Hornets were doomed.

Except they won.

The Hornets trailed 28-7 after the first quarter. They were down 51-36 at halftime. Slowly but surely they chipped away. Then Jeremy Lin scored 15 points in the fourth quarter to finish off the comeback. The team that scored seven points in an entire quarter had a player come off the bench and score 15 in a quarter in the same game.

Charlotte's comeback was about as unlikely as they come. The Spurs led by 23 only to lose, the largest blown lead of the Tim Duncan era, according to ESPN Stats and Information.

So how did Charlotte pull it off? By shooting a hell of a lot better. The Hornets also started passing the ball better within their offense while protecting it, too.

Stat 1st Quarter Rest of the game
Field goal percentage 13.6 percent (3-22) 49.2 percent (32-65)
Three-point percentage 0.0 percent (0-6) 61.5 percent (8-13)
Free throw percentage 33.3 percent (1-3) 75 percent (12-16)
Assists 1 17
Turnovers 5 9

It takes a lot to beat the Spurs. It takes even more after scoring just seven points in an entire quarter. The Hornets pulled it off though, some how, some way.

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