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A Phillies minor league team is becoming the 'Cheesesteaks' for a night

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The Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs are changing their name for "Salute to Philadelphia Night," and they've settled on "Cheesesteaks" as the team name, because let's face it -- the "Rockies" would be weird. The team is changing its logo, uniforms and having some dope cheesesteak hats that are only rivaled by the Montgomery Biscuits for deliciousness.


There's a fan vote to determine whether the logo should be with, or without onions. The entire SB Nation crew is pro-onions. They are delicious and add another level of texture to the logo, but we'll let you decide.

There's one glaring question Lehigh hasn't answered and it was under our noses the whole time. How do you explain ... THIS?!


This is a CheesePig. Look, we know it's likely because Lehigh wants to keep to its roots and remind people they're still the IronPigs, but this is a cheesy, flesh-based pig and I do not like it. What's the fiction behind this pig? He clearly didn't eat a cheesesteak, because there's no cheese around its mouth. This pig swam in the cheese that was then put on a sandwich.