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Michelle Obama is the international baseball ambassador we deserve

Barack might be hoping the sliding catches by Cubans cheered up his wife after an afternoon of him pinching her arm.

It was a short, whirlwind experience for the First Family's visit to Cuba, but Michelle Obama seemed to especially enjoy the baseball game that capped off Tuesday:

Her husband's shenanigans? Not so much.

It seems the First Lady was all for enjoying herself at the old ballgame, but not really down for engaging in cute banter with the President.

On the other hand, Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer reached out in advance to see if he could try and cheer Michelle Obama up...

... only to get no response and reportedly get shot down when he had the opportunity to ask her about the Twitter interaction.

Let's just hope that the First Lady's afternoon was more reflected by her reaction to the catch in the first inning than the awkward interaction with Barack.