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Shirtless cyclist interrupts interview to challenge Nate Robinson to a game of one-on-one

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Last week, Nate Robinson signed with Israeli basketball club Hapoel Tel Aviv, which made so many fans sing his name when he arrived at the airport. During an interview with Israel's Sport 5, one fan in particular wasn't afraid to go up to Robinson and challenge him to a one-on-one game. By the way, this man was shirtless and on his bike when this happened.

בזמן הראיון שלנו עם נייט רובינסון קרה לו הדבר הבא....האייטם המלא היום בחמישיות, 23:40 ב-(ערוץ 56) 5PLUS ו-5SPORT HDNate Robinson Hapoel Tel Aviv BC

Posted by ‎ערוץ הספורט‎ on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Nate!" the man yelled, "I'll kick your ass, baby!" Robinson laughed in response. "I play in Division II; in the next year, I'll play in Division I, and I'll kick your ass, man," he concluded with a smile on his face.

Will Robinson accept his challenge? Maybe. But really, this seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship and/or rivalry.