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Retired 9-year NFL veteran Daryn Colledge enlists in the Army National Guard

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Following a nine-year career in the NFL, Daryn Colledge retired prior to the 2015 season. Now, a year later he's made the decision to sign an eight-year deal to enlist in the Army National Guard. Colledge announced the decision on Twitter and said that after years of supporting the troops he's "decided to step up and stand shoulder to shoulder with them."

Colledge joins the list of players to go from the NFL to the military with Pat Tillman possibly being the most well-known player to make the change. Colledge started his career as a second-round pick with the Green Bay Packers. He would later sign a lucrative free agent deal with the Arizona Cardinals before finishing his career with the Miami Dolphins. In all, Colledge made more than $24.5 million in NFL salary during his career, according to Spotrac. He could likely remain retired and and enjoy a luxurious life.

Instead, he opted to enlist because he said he thinks he's best served protecting his family, state and country.