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College basketball coach has a custom handshake with each player on his team

Complex, unique handshakes are all the rage in sports. Baseball players often have long, drawn out handshakes with their teammates. LeBron James has a unique handshake with several different Cavs players. Usually, the ritual never makes it past the players level, however. Then there is Whitman College assistant coach Stephen Garnett.

Garnett has a custom handshake for every player, some simple, others more complex, all executed flawlessly. Given how much college basketball rosters turn over, Garnett must have a great memory and be especially creative to remember that many handshakes.

Whatever Garnett and Whitman are doing is working. The Missionaries made a run to the Sweet 16 of the Division III tournament before losing to the eventual champion. They finished the season 24-4. That's a lot of celebratory handshakes.