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LeBron James on Northern Iowa's heartbreaking loss: 'I would quit basketball'

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The aftermath of Northern Iowa's stunning loss to Texas A&M is still being felt throughout the sports world. During Wednesday's press conference, LeBron James was asked about what he thought about that loss. He said that if he was on that UNI team during that game, he would "quit basketball."

LeBron: "I would quit basketball. [crowd laughs] If I was on Northern Iowa, I would quit. When you're up eight with 20-plus seconds, you have five or ten seconds, I would quit."

Reporter: "12 with 35 seconds."

LeBron: "Yeah, I would quit."

Obviously, LeBron was joking. No one on that team should quit, even after a tough loss like that. If anything, it should encourage them to come back to next year's NCAA Tournament stronger than ever.

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