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Bill Murray is sad again because his son has never seen 'Caddyshack'

Maybe Luke Murray has seen Space Jam, like the part when the Monstars drain all the basketball powers out of Xavier for the last three seconds of their game against Wisconsin

On Sunday night, Bill Murray became the newest meme heard 'round the world with his deadpan, sad expression on TV immediately after Wisconsin's Bronson Koenig hit a corner three at the buzzer to beat the second-seeded Xavier team that had Bill's son Luke on staff as an assistant coach.

ESPN's Jeff Goodman managed to pin down the two Murrays for an interview before Sunday's game, and they did not disappoint.

Let's just stop for a moment to point out that the biggest revelation from the interview is that Luke Murray has apparently NEVER SEEN CADDYSHACK, one of his father's first great blockbusters.

Jeff Goodman: Do you have something to tell (Bill) about Caddyshack?

Luke: Yeah I've never seen Caddyshack. I've never seen it, and I'm sorry. But I made a vow earlier to Jeff that I would watch it. I'm sorry.

Bill: Well I'm glad you feel good enough to make a vow to Jeff.

It's even a sports comedy filled with heartwarming themes about underdogs, comeback kids and how to properly use explosives on expensive real estate.

Bill was obviously shaken and disturbed by his son's admission, previewing his own meme face and sarcastically remarking that he was only promising to watch Caddyshack. Has he at least seen Space Jam??

All hail Bill Murray, and may he continue to inspire excellent photoshops and timeless memes:

(h/t to the Chicago Tribune)

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