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Texas A&M player’s parents left early and missed his game-tying shot during historic comeback

Oh no.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Admon Gilder scored the last-second game-tying layup to help Texas A&M complete its incredible comeback last Sunday night against Northern Iowa. Unfortunately, his parents had left with around one minute to go in the game. To be fair, they had a long drive ahead of them that night to get back home and Northern Iowa had a 99.9-100% chance of winning the game with 40 second to go. But then, one of the most historic comebacks in NCAA history happened. They found out about it while stopped at a gas station on their drive but were too far gone to turn around.

Gilder says he doesn't blame them and would have left himself. It was an impossible comeback. But I'm sure Admon's parents will never leave early again.

H/T Yahoo Sports.