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Gregg Popovich remains the NBA's best comedian with another classic interview

Gregg Popovich is arguably the best coach in the NBA. He might also be the funniest person in the NBA. He has a dry, sarcastic wit, but when he puts it on display he is a gem.

Like on Wednesday when he had all of the assembled media laughing with his comments about rookie Boban Marjanovic.

Marjanovic scored a NBA career-high 19 points on 9-12 shooting. So obviously Popovich celebrated the accomplishment with jokes about how selfish Boban was. Even a reporter got caught in the middle of Popovich's jokes.

Earlier this season, Popovich turned another postgame interview scrum into jokes about the Cavs' decision to fire David Blatt. His reactions to in-game interviews are already legendary and he lights up a formal press conference from time-to-time too. With the playoffs closing in, Popovich interviews are turning into must-see comedy gold.

Let's just hope no reporter tries to talk to him about politics again: