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LeBron James mocks the hyper-scrutiny of his life with the help of a banana

"Why you eating a banana, LeBron?"

Just days after the rumored discovery of an apple peel in a hotel room reserved under the Cavaliers star's name and the shocking arrest of a Cleveland-area fruit vendor, a video has surfaced of LeBron James holding what appears to be a banana.

"Why you eating a banana, LeBron?" James asks the camera in the shaky footage, seemingly recorded at the Cavaliers arena. "Are you gonna slip on a banana peel out of Cleveland?"

At press time, it was unclear if the team was aware of the recording of the South American fruit, which is known to relieve cramping. The beleaguered James, fresh off an anti-youth basketball screed and several dramatic unfollows on Twitter that left the world wondering if he had a future in Cleveland, basketball or human civilization at all, remained silent on Snapchat, the social network that caters to the trading of illicit photos, which James publicly adopted this week.

In all seriousness: slipping on a banana peel all the way out of Cleveland would be pretty impressive. And newsworthy!

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