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Wisconsin walk-ons parody the 'Fresh Prince' theme as an homage to their Sweet 16 game in Philly

On Friday, Wisconsin takes on Notre Dame in Philadelphia, and to hype up Badgers fans, walk-ons Matt Ferris and Aaron Moesch made a parody of the opening credits to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. (Yes, they even did Will's famous hook shot.) It's a continuation of their off-court tomfoolery -- they recently tried to recreate the buzzer-beater that sent Wisconsin to the Sweet Sixteen, which didn't turn out so well.

Even though Ferris and Moesch have not played in this year's tournament (yet), at least they're having fun outside of the tournament. And if Wisconsin makes it to the Final Four in Houston, we really hope they parody Mike Jones' "Still Tippin." It has to happen.

(h/t Campus Rush)