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Yoenis Cespedes gave up an inside-the-park homer because he didn't feel like bending over

The Astros hit an inside-the-park home run and Yoenis Cespedes just sort of let it happen.

No player wants to go all-out during spring training, and the New York Mets outfielder was really not feeling it on Thursday.

Astros first baseman A.J. Reed smacked the ball over Cespedes' head and it landed under the fence, which is really a nuisance for someone who's trying to field it.

So he just sort of pretended it wasn't there.

That or he just needs glasses -- which is pretty concerning since he's driven this vehicle to games.

The 240-pound batter was able to half-trot around the bases for the inside-the-park home run after the umpire ruined the game of hide and seek fans didn't pay for.

Just another day in spring training. At least we'll always have Cespedes' wild rides: