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Top football recruit Donovan Peoples-Jones jumps over 3 people on freakishly athletic dunk

Donovan Peoples-Jones is one of the top football prospects in the 2017 recruiting class. He's ranked as the No. 1 receiver and No. 5 overall prospect by 24/7 Sports. The dunk he pulled out during a dunk contest on Thursday was impressive enough that he should instantly rise at least a couple spots.

A year ago, Peoples-Jones jumped over two people in a dunk contest. That was apparently not impressive enough so he raised the bar this year and added a third person to soar over for good measure.

Let's just sit back and enjoy this from all angles.

Dunking over three people may not directly translate to the football field, but with athleticism like that, Peoples-Jones is going to be very bad news for college cornerbacks in the future.