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LeBron James couldn’t hide his frustrations during the Cavaliers' loss to Brooklyn

Cleveland lost to one of the NBA's worst teams and LeBron was clearly unhappy.

LeBron James played one of his most efficient games all season on Thursday, scoring 30 points on 13-of-16 shooting with six rebounds and five assists. That should be enough for Cleveland to beat the NBA's third-worst team. It wasn't. Brooklyn beat the Cavaliers, 104-95, leading pretty much the entire game as Cleveland played catch up.

Understandably, James was not too pleased. The Cavaliers shouldn't lose to the Nets, especially as they try to play their best basketball headed into the playoffs. But the way he expressed this frustration ... well ...

Look, it can be hard being LeBron. The media analyze everything he does, as he made fun of earlier Thursday with this joke involving a banana. On one hand, this isn't anything: just a guy expressing frustration because the team he's playing made a couple shots. Who cares, you'll type in the comments or tweet out at us? Stop turning everything LeBron does into something!

On the other hand, it's not just this noted frustration expressed on the very visible stage of an NBA game. It's this, it's him saying he wants to play with his superstar friends, it's reports that LeBron and Kyrie have no chemistry, it's the eye test that confirms LeBron and Kyrie have no chemistry, it's LeBron unfollowing the Cavaliers but still following Dorrell Wright, it's these bizarre tweets and quotes that had Cavaliers fans (mildly) freaking out. It might still be nothing, but LeBron isn't making it difficult to speculate.

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