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Kansas player scores ultimate garbage time basket while everybody shakes hands

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The game between Kansas and Maryland ended with a little bit of drama, but not because of another NCAA Tournament buzzer-beater. Well, not a game-winning buzzer beater.

The Jayhawks were leading by 14, 77-63 with the final seconds ticking off. Frank Mason III had the ball and was dribbling out the clock. He appeared to be oblivious that there was even time left on the clock, casually dribbling (traveling) around the basket before laying it up and in.

Harmless enough, except that shot clearly came with time left. So referees had to go to the monitors and review the play. Eventually they concluded that the shot did count and the final score was 79-63. It likely didn't impact the gambling line, but barely. According to Oddshark, the over/under was set at 143.5, very nearly flipping a lot of money.

This is hardly the first time Kansas bucket at the end of a blowout has gained attention. Brannen Greene dunked at the end of a blowout earlier this season which Jayhawks coach Bill Self described as a "dick move."

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