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Stephen Curry swapped faces with his wax figure and it is terrifying

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On Thursday, Madame Tussauds showed off a new wax figure with Stephen Curry's likeness, complete with a Warriors uniform and basketball. Like all their other figures, Curry's figure looks so much like the real person, it's almost unsettling.

The Curry family attended the unveiling in Oakland, and according to ESPN, it made for some surreal moments for his kids:

Toddler Riley Curry snuggled up under the right arm of her father's wax figure and grinned in delight. Even if a little confused by it all.

"How is it, Riley, is it weird?" Stephen Curry asked. "There's two of us up here. That's probably weird to see two of us up here looking right back at her."

Still, Riley looked adorable clutching her dad's wax simulacrum, and so did the family.

at their dada's wax figure unveiling! #priceless

A photo posted by Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) on

Curry's figure, which is reportedly valued at $350,000, will be displayed at the Fisherman's Wharf museum a week from now.

Meanwhile, on Snapchat, Steph did something terrible. See, there's a feature on the app that lets users swap faces with another person within frame. ESPN reported that, during the event, Curry took a selfie; little did they know it was actually for Snapchat -- specifically its face swap feature -- and Warriors social media manager Julie Phayer revealed the horror Curry made for his amusement.

NOPE. NO. NUH UH. NEVER DO THIS AGAIN, STEPH. It looks like the album cover for Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy," but ten times worse.

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