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Ric Flair says LeBron James is a huge wrestling fan, nicknamed him the 'Inventor of Swag'

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On Friday, hours after hanging out at a New York Knicks game, TMZ Sports got to talk with Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte. During the meeting, Flair revealed LeBron James is a really huge wrestling fan. Flair even said LeBron gave him a nickname: "Inventor of Swag."

TMZ: "Which celebrity is the biggest wrestling fan that will blow people's minds?"

Ric Flair: "LeBron James ... first time I met him -- well, I've met him before -- first time I saw him, in the last couple of years, first thing he said to me he wanted to know if I had my Rolex on. He said [wrestling] kept him out of trouble in high school."

TMZ: "Was that such a compliment that a guy like LeBron knows who you are?"

Flair: "Yeah, he called me 'The Inventor of Swag.'"

We should've known sooner how intertwined LeBron and wrestling are, considering a) Ric Flair made a guest appearance during Game 4 of the 2015 NBA Finals and b) LeBron gave Kevin Love a Stone Cold Stunner in December. To hear it from Ric Flair, however, is pretty special.

(h/t Fox Sports)

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