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Stephen Curry went behind-the-back and turned Zaza Pachulia into a statue

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I have two theories about this play.

1. Despite being in a very precarious position, Zaza Pachulia definitely thought he had a chance to stop Stephen Curry on the fast break. That is until Curry took a small jab left and sped right with a behind-the-back move. That little lean was the end for Pachulia and his spirit was so crushed he didn't even bother to continue trying.

2. Pachulia realized he had no chance to stop Curry in that situation, so he tried to limit the embarrassment and barely tried. Either way, Curry was getting points out of this. At least Zaza came away with his ankles in tact.

The other possibility is the Warriors have turned the NBA into an actual video game and someone unplugged Pachulia's controller at the wrong time. Yeah, probably that.

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