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George Hill is wearing quilted pastel shoes for game on Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, y'all. And with Easter we get Easter basketball shoes! This year George Hill is the front runner for wildest shoes with these quilted pastel kicks. The commitment to Easter is intense. Look close, there is even a bunny on the tongue! Rodney Stuckey's shoes pictured here on the left are unique as well, but something about that quilted pattern on George Hill really takes the cake.

It just so happens the Pacers take on the Rockets on Sunday where James Harden and Dwight Howard are also wearing some very interesting Easter themed shoes as well. The official color of Harden's shoes are "haze salmon" if you were curious.

Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant also released Easter shoes for 2016 but nothing will take George Hill's quilt out of my head.

I am sad to report that George Hill was not a fan of his Easter shoes.