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Buddy Hield owes his nickname to 'Married with Children'

Buddy Hield owes his nickname to Married with Children, the Oklahoma Sooners star revealed on The Dan Patrick Show Monday.

Hield's legal name is Chavano Rainer Hield. On Monday's show, Dan Patrick joked that Hield should consider going by Chavano after he joins the NBA, on the basis that he'd be the league's only Chavano. Hield then explained the unusual origin of his nickname.

"I was a red baby growing up," Hield said. "I was really red."

When he was two months old, his mom and a friend agreed that the infant Hield looked like Bud Bundy. The nickname stuck, eventually becoming "Buddy."

"Everybody always tells me that. They're always like, how can you be named after somebody who was ... you know," he said, pointing out that the character Bud Bundy was white. "I just was like, I was a red baby growing up."

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