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Watch these kids do synchronized jump rope if you want to be amazed and also extremely dizzy

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いよいよ、今年度担当させていただき、かっとび王にチャレンジした6年生が卒業します(^-^)今年も本当に幸せな一年でした!明日の卒業を前に、卒業プロジェクトの『ラストかっとび』を先日行いました。昨年10月31日の決勝から、最近行ったちょっとの練習で、しかも、あの時のレベルで、目指せ4セット!いい目標だ!さぁ〜感動のフィナーレなるかぁ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Posted by 富士市なわとび協会∞ on Friday, March 18, 2016

Did you know that there are jump rope academies? Did you know that their very young students are very, very, very good at jumping rope? Do you know what the correct gerund is for this activity? The last question is not hypothetical.

Anyway: behold the young students of the Fuji Jump Rope Association in Fuji, Japan, jumping rope / jump-roping / jumping roping in mesmerizing unison. I am dizzy. OK.

The school seems to be enjoying the attention: the official Facebook account posted, "All of you. Thank you!" in English in the comments of the video.