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A 78-year-old who struggled to climb stairs 2 years ago is now lifting 225 pounds like it's no big deal

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Shirley is 78 years old but she can deadlift 225 pounds three times! (via @jwright0123)

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If we could have one wish it would to be like Shirley when we're 78 years old. This video popped up on Instagram over the weekend and shows just how powerful perseverance is. You see, this isn't just just a septuagenarian deadlifting 225 pounds, it's about much more.

ESPNW did a profile of Shirley Webb, who couldn't get up from the floor or climbs stairs without assistance two years ago -- now she can do both, and lift like a beast. Shirley joined a gym in Wood River, Ill., intent on changing her abilities. Now she's in the gym twice per week and can lift over 200 pounds.

Webb is training to set an American record in deadlifting, currently a vacant category for someone her age. The record is guaranteed when she lifts in June, but that's no reason to slack off. Shirley is trying to lift the most she possibly can. ESPNW asked Shirley if she plans to stop after her record attempt.

"I have no intention of stopping right now," Webb said. "When I go to the gym and work out, when I leave, I feel so much better than I did when I went in, and I just feel so good. I feel tremendous."

This is just amazing. You go Shirley!

(h/t FTW)