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Matt Harvey's mystery injury was caused by not peeing enough

Mets fans let out a collective sigh of relief on Tuesday morning that the mystery injury to starting pitcher Matt Harvey isn't serious. Harvey, on the other hand, has the problem of not enough relief. The team reports that Harvey has blood clots in his bladder, a result of holding his pee too long.

It sounds terrifying, but in reality the injury isn't too bad. Most blood clots can be passed naturally in urine, but in Harvey's case he will need a procedure to correct the problem. If left unchecked these clots can potentially form a complete blockage, which creates a lot of pain and discomfort but can be easily corrected. The diagnosis might be uncommon, but what caused it isn't -- especially for Harvey.

Let this be a PSA to everyone out there: Do NOT hold in your pee. The convenience of waiting seems appealing, and none of us want to leave a social situation to relieve ourselves -- but this isn't some badge of honor you get for holding it. The medical complications are real, so go ahead and treat yourself to a pee.

Still need more convincing? Get ready, because a Men's Health article from 2015 outlined the horrors that can come from not urinating.

"A young soldier came in who had gotten totally drunk the night before and passed out," Dr. Moul says. "His bladder was holding the equivalent of about three bottles of wine and it became over distended, like a floppy bag."

After that, the patient was never able to urinate normally again and had to stick a catheter in his penis four to six times a day, Dr. Moul says.


I'm no whiz, but pee as much as you can Matt Harvey -- please. Do it for Mets fans, yourself and everyone everywhere.