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The Utah Jazz might have made the best Kobe Bryant farewell video yet

The Utah Jazz pay tribute to Kobe Bryant

Posted by NBA TV on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Kobe Bryant farewell tour is entering its final lap. While it's been taxing to see so many goodbyes and watch this get stretched out over an entire season, I'll admit that even the weariness has given way to feeling a little melancholy that it's coming to an end. On Monday night the Utah Jazz hosted Bryant for the last time and put together this really cool video as a part of his introduction.

Instead of it being a simple highlight reel with some wistful V.O., the Jazz took it to the next level by getting real fans to talk about what Kobe meant to them. Not as Kobe fans, but Jazz fans who hated seeing him torch their team -- but had to respect it.

The game didn't go how Kobe would have wanted. The Lakers got blown out, again -- but at least the team sent him home with some cool swag.

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